Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator works to promote education regarding proper animal care, ownership responsibilities and awareness of programs and activities, which includes:
following all established protocols at the shelter, performing outreach activities on site at various local schools, coordinating and conducting Youth Summer Camp programs, scheduling and overseeing all education activities at the shelter and off-site, working to educate customers about the Principles of Responsible Pet Ownership and CHS through positive interaction with customers, and working in coordination with a variety of professions including staff from other areas, education professionals, children and adults.

Skills and experiences required to adequately perform this position include:
Bachelors degree in education, animal science, or a closely related field, 2+ years of animal care experience, 2+ years of experience in an educational capacity, knowledge of animal care, training and illnesses, experience providing exceptional public service, and an ability to communicate effectively with staff on a variety of levels.

Don't Be Fooled

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